Who we are

Carichi Liquidi Societa Armatoriale (CALISA) Spa is a shipping company which was set up in 1957 in Augusta (Siracusa) and has a branch office in Genoa.



CALISA is an owner of Tankers trasporting oils on behalf of the major oil companies.
Its core business is the Mediterranean see with a growing interest to the far east.
In little over 40 years CALISA has operated vessels from 3,000 to 25,000 tons gross tonnage.


In this important sector of European maritime traffic, which is a typical specialization of Italian ship owners, CALISA has always been active in the design and management of modern tanker of last generation.


Calisa’s aim has always been to offer its clients the possibility of using vessels that always meet the changing needs of the market, which is in turn influenced by the various crises in the energy market and the need to follow trends in consumption. To this end the company has concentrated on various types of vessel over the years, carefully choosing the most appropriate tonnage and constantly seeking to improve quality, especially in terms of operating performance and safety.


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