Calisa spa

Liquid Cargo Shipping Company (CALISA) Spa is a shipping company founded in 1957 in Augusta (Syracuse) and having its own headquarters in Genoa.

The Company transports fuel oils with its ships on behalf of the major oil companies. The main working area of ​​the ships is the Mediterranean. In just over 40 years Calisa has operated with ships of between 3,000 and 25,000 tonnes.

In this important sector of European maritime traffic, in which Italian shipowners are particularly specialized, CALISA has always been very active in the design and management of latest generation tankers .

Calisa S.p.A. has always set itself the goal of offering its customers the possibility of using ships capable of satisfying the changing conditions of the market. For this purpose, the Company, over the years, has used different types of ships, choosing from time to time the most appropriate tonnages for the needs of the market, improving quality especially in terms of efficiency, performance and safety.

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